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lingam massage

What is Lingam Massage?

Lingam (or manhood) massage is a very erotic form of sensual massage. Lingam is Sanskrit for "wand of light" which refers to the penis. It is believed to be a channel for pleasure and healing energy. Lingam massage is an art where the massage therapist massages the prostate, perineum, and testicles for a type of pleasure that most men aren't entirely accustomed to. It is an amazing feeling.

Lingam massage is the most relied-on practice for sexually-aspiring men. The essence of lingam massage is not about orgasm, although this can be a pleasant and welcomed side effect. The goal of lingam massage is to massage the lingam, as well as the perineum and the Sacred Spot (prostate) externally. This form of lingam massage allows the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may have not experienced before.

By freeing up the energy blockages you will be able to maintain a firmer harder erection which will also allow you to be able to make love for a longer period of time as the orgasmic energy will be able to flow through the body much easier. This technique also helps to prevent Premature ejaculation. This is not Masterbation although you may ejaculate due to the increase in the sexual energy in this area. Please be aware that ejaculation is not the aim of the massage.


Enjoy More Sensual Awareness with Lingam Massage

Men who choose stimulating Lingam massage will discover exciting new secrets about their own bodies and their own sensual responses. Through expert massage therapy that unleashes a range of exciting new sensations, men will become more in tune with their own bodies. Lingam massage uses the principles of Tantric touch to unblock energy channels, improve circulation, and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, men who select this unforgettable form of massage will also get a welcome health boost that is re-energizing and revitalizing.

This massage technique will be performed with the utmost care to ensure that the man feels pure pleasure the entire time. Men who enjoy massage with a more spiritual focus will appreciate the Tantric elements of this type of manhood massage. By offering men access to touch that soothes and stimulates, our talented massage therapists will allow their clients to release physical tension and to enjoy a more balanced mind-body-spirit connection. Since this form of massage is so different than conventional massage, it triggers deeper self-awareness, offering men a more profound emotional experience.